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Research Overview

Our research is focussed on the optical and electronic properties of molecular and nanoscale semiconductor systems. In particular we are interested in emergent phenomena , i.e. phenomena that occur in ensembles or at interfaces between materials, but not in isolated molecules or semiconductor systems. In the past few years we have uncovered evidence that such phenomena underlie the efficient operation of a range of optoelectronic devices, giving rise to unexpected coherent phenomena.  

We seek to understand such phenomena to create a new generation of electronic and photonic devices.


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Paper published in Nature Reviews

Oct 05, 2017

Our review of Singlet Fission is published in Nature Reviews Materials

ERC Starter Grant

Sep 18, 2017

Our project SOLARX is funded by the ERC.

Paper published in Nature Chemistry

Sep 11, 2017

Hannah and Alex's paper on ultrafast 'endothermic' singlet fission is published in Nature Chemistry.

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