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Some recent examples of our work highlighted in the scientific and popular press 


Weiss et al, Nature Physics, (2016), doi:10.1038/nphys3908

 - Dynamics Duos, Nature Physics News and Views, link

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 - Science Daily, link

 Bakulin et al., Nature Chemistry8, 16–23 (2016)

 -, link

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Musser et al., Nature Physics11, 352–357 (2015)

 - The birth of an exciton, Nature Physics News and Views, link 

 -, link

 - Science Daily, link

Tabachnyk et al., Nature Materials, 13, 1033–1038 (2014)

 - Bringing dark states to light, Nature Materials News and Views, link

 - Business Insider, link 

 - IEEE Spectrum, link

Gelinas et al., Science, 343, 6170, 512 (2014)

- When Electrons Leave Holes in Organic Solar Cells, Science Perspective, link

-, link

- Science Daily, link

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Paper published in Nature Reviews

Oct 05, 2017

Our review of Singlet Fission is published in Nature Reviews Materials

ERC Starter Grant

Sep 18, 2017

Our project SOLARX is funded by the ERC.

Paper published in Nature Chemistry

Sep 11, 2017

Hannah and Alex's paper on ultrafast 'endothermic' singlet fission is published in Nature Chemistry.

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